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Fatima Mata National College (Autonomous), Kollam


The Department of Physics offers  six- semester graduate course  and four semester postgraduate course in physics

Programme Outcomes

B.Sc Physics

M.Sc Physics

Board of Studies (BoS)

Being an Autonomous Institution, the College has a Board of Studies to ensure the proper and smooth functioning of the academic matters. The following are the functions of the Board of Studies:

  • Prepare the curriculum for various courses keeping in view the objectives of the College;
  • Suggest a panel of names to the Controller of Examinations for appointment of question paper setters and examiners;
  • Co-ordinate research, teaching, extension and any other academic activity in the department or college;
  • Suggest methodologies for innovative teaching and evaluation techniques;
  • Monitor teaching, learning in the College through assessment of learners’ performance and suggest improvement / modification on the basis of such assessment;
  • Change, modify / improve the curriculum in a subject, if necessary, after assessment of learner’s performance, teachers’ opinions and new developments in the subject.  

Members of BoS
Prof. Vimala V
Associate Professor & HOD
Department of Physics
FMNC, Kollam

Dr Subodh G
Asst Professor & HOD
Department of Physics
University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram

Dr Mathew George
Asst Professor
Department of Physics
SH College ( Autonomous)
Thevara, Ernakulam

Dr Issac Paul
Associate Professor
Department of Physics
St Berchmans College ( Autonomous), Changanacherry

Dr C Yohannan Paniker
Associate Professor ( Rtd)
Department of Physics
TKM College, Kollam

Mr Baiju V
Assistant Professor
Department of Physics
SN College, Kollam

Mr Bhasi C
Asst General Manager
Vigilance Office of the Chief General Manager

Faculty Members
Dr Jojo P J (Associate Professor)
Mr Ratheesh Kumar R (Assistant Professor)
Dr Sheena Mary Y (Assistant Professor)
Sub Lt Sunil A. (Assistant Professor)

The meeting of the members of the Board of Studies is held as and when required.

Minutes of BoS – Physics , held on 21-02-2015
Minutes of BoS – Physics , held on 10-03-2015
Minutes of BoS – Physics , held on 09-11-2015
Minutes of BoS – Physics , held on 29-03-2016
Minutes of BoS – Physics , held on 21-01-2017
Minutes of BoS – Physics , held on 28-07-2018
Minutes of BoS – Physics , held on 23-02-2019